Congratulations on getting into the guild and welcome aboard. There are quite a few things to do now to ensure that you can get through your trial successfully and become a fully fledged member of the guild.


Contact An Officer:

First and foremost, get in touch with an officer to get yourself an invite to the guild. Any guild member of Veteran Raider or above is able to invite people to the guild, but if you simply whisper one of our members they'll be able to point you in the right direction. Be advised though that we have a No Alts policy - if you have alts and require somewhere to keep them, we do have an alt guild where you can park these. Otherwise, we're unconcerned what you do with your time outwith the guild, provided you can keep up your end of the bargain and keep your minimum raid attendance above 60%.


Claim Your Character:

Before you'll be able to sign up to raids, your character must show as in the guild on the Armory. Once it has you must click on the Guild Roster and find your character in the list and click on the "Claim" link. This will attach your character to your Guild Launch account and allow you to use many of the extra features the website has to offer. If after 24 hours your character has still not appeared in the Guild Roster, contact an officer and they will be able to manually synchronise our roster with the armory, after which you'll be able to claim your character.


Signing Up For Raids:

Once the above has been completed successfully, you'll be able to start signing up for all the events you can see in the Calendar. To do this, simply click on the Rapid Raid link and click the signup button for each raid. Please note that we expect you to sign your status for all events: It makes our jobs organising where we go and what we do much easier if we can see what people are signing on and off for and allows us to cater future events to represent the raids our guild members wish to do. It's also just a courtesy to your raid leaders (who put quite a lot of time and effort into making sure they do their job right!) to let them know when you will and won't be present.

There are 3 options on the signup :

Available - means you will be there on time and be ready to raid if selected

Tentative - means you hope to be there on time, or maybe late or may have to leave early.  Add information in the extra info box.

Unavailable - means you won't be raiding.  You may not be online or your are online but don't want to raid.

You are expected to choose one of these for ALL raids in Rapidraid.  You can change your selection at any time if things change.  eg You sign yourself as available for a run 4 days in advance and the day before something comes up, you can then change yourself to Unavailable.


Raiding Addons:

Before you start raiding, be sure to download and install the Aranoch Raider Addons bundle from our website. These addons are used for all loot drops, and without them you will be unable to view your DKP or bid on any items. You will also be expected to have installed and running the Deadly Boss Mods, Omen and ORA addons and keep both up to date, as long as any class specific addons that will enchance your raiding performance (such as Decursive, Grid/Clique, Healbot and ZOMGBuffs). All these can be found readily on the web and as such will not be listed here.


Further information:

You may also wish to take the time to read through some of the other articles in the Wiki section. There is a more detailed guide to signing up to events using Rapid Raid, the details of our Ventrilo server and an article on the expected etiquette used for voice communication when in a raid.