Aranoch Raiding Addon Bundles

The latest version of the Aranoch addon bundle is 1.1209 (for version 3.3) and can be downloaded from here. It contains the following addons:


oRA3 - Raid administration tool

Bidder - Bidding addon for our DKP system

Bidder_BossAuction - Bidding addon for our DKP system


Those of you who have installed previous versions will need to remove the oRA2 addon from their Interface/Addons folder to prevent interference.

Raiders only: click here

Raid Leaders only: click here


Raid leaders only: The package has a few additional addons to compensate for the bugs in the current DKPmon implentation. It also includes a raid buff status addon and the almighty Acheron death report addon which you may choose to omit when installing.